Anita D. Spitz, MD  
Family Practice and Medical Acupuncture

Philosophy of the Practice

The human body is robust and versatile. It can tolerate surprising amounts of abuse and neglect. However, we expect it to last far longer than our car or other less complex entities that we own. To keep it going for many decades, we need to take care of it, getting optimal amounts of sleep and exercise, and good nutrition. While it is ideal to take care of our bodies from the start, it is never too late to improve our lifestyles and hence our expectation of a long and healthy life.

A doctor can fix many things that go wrong with a body. However, there are also many things that Western medicine can not fix, particularly chronic problems that arise with advancing years. Being unable to effectively treat these sorts of problems drove Dr Spitz to investigate alternative medicine. She studied acupuncture to see if it could help, and found it could. She has continued to investigate other approaches and there is good reason to believe that nutrition could be improved for many, if not all, people.

Alternative medicine is somewhat less cut and dry than Western medicine. As a result, Dr Spitz spends more time seeing each patient. She talks with them to find out their history, the cause of their problems and what she can offer to enable each patient to move towards optimal health.

However, everybody is ultimately responsible for their own welfare, and Dr Spitz expects patients to work with her to improve their lifestyle and thus their health.

Dr Anita D. Spitz